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Junior Market Mentorship Programme

The Junior Market Mentorship Programme is designed to provide startup companies with the relevant industry knowledge, from proven industry professionals. By strategically developing their competencies, mentors directly contribute to the companies’ growth, innovation, and overall strategy. It is geared to improve customer and investor confidence in the listed companies. It demonstrates the willingness of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Group to invest the time and resources necessary to assist companies to operate in an efficient manner on the stock market.

Mentor Application Documentation

In accordance with Junior Market Rule 503 in the Junior Market Rule Book, unless the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) agrees otherwise, an eligible company shall, prior to initial admission, and at all times during which it is a Junior Market Company, have a mentor who shall act as a compliance adviser to the Board of the eligible company or the Junior Market Company. Every proposed mentor shall be approved by the JSE before his/her appointment is effective.

Please consult our documentation: 

Approved Mentors

The eligibility requirements are detailed in the JSE Junior Market Rule 503.

Please feel free to consult our list of JSE Junior Market List of Approved Mentors.