Registrar Services

The Registrar Services Unit (RSU) offers Issuing office, registrar, transfer and paying agent services to Issuers who have securities listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange or via private placement.  RSU is the largest registrar, in Jamaica, offering a suite of services to our Issuer clients, locally and in the region.  These services are detailed below.

Issuing Office

The Registrar Services Unit offers various services to entities seeking to raise capital via: Prospectus Issue, for example, an Initial or Additional Public Offer (IPO/APO), Offer for Sale, Offer by Tender, Introduction and Placing, for example, Private Placement offering. The main functions the RSU executes as Issuing Office are:

  • Liaising with Lead Brokers regarding the transmission of applications submitted by investors.
  • Receiving, vetting and processing applications submitted by Lead Broker.
  • Receiving details of existing shareholders on record before the opening of an offer.
  • At the close of the Offer, generating and finalizing allocations and creating final register of members.
  • Submitting reports to the JSE.
  • Processing of allocated units to investors’ JCSD accounts.
  • Issuing allocation letters and certificates (where applicable),


As the Registrar we maintain the shareholder records and share register of the companies that we manage. The main functions executed in maintaining these records are:

  • Handling shareholders’ queries including updating certificated accounts, payment research, re-processing of outstanding disbursements and providing details on units held.
  • Processing of mandate instructions for certificated accounts.
  • Re-issuing share certificates.
  • Dispatching Annual Reports to shareholders.
  • Attending Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings (A/EGMs) to register shareholders, directors, proxies and visitors.
  • Providing an electronic solution for the hosting of AGM/EGM virtually.  This solution manages aspects such as registration, webcasting services, real-time voting including live publication of results and post meeting reports.
  • Processing Corporate Actions such as Stock Splits, Rights Issues and Bonuses.
  • Generating regulatory and other reports as required.

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Transfer Agent​

As a Transfer Agent, we assist with the process of transferring units in cases such as:

  • In the event of death
  • When converting from certificated to immobilized form
  • Moving units across Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)

Paying Agent​

Our Paying Agent functions include disbursing payments based on declarations made by issuers or recurring payment cycles. Some of these disbursements include:

  • Dividends
  • Interests and maturity/principal repayments
  • Capital distributions