As an Investor you can utilise the Online Trading Platform (JTraderPro) to buy and sell securities at your ease and convenience. Please look below at the registration, features and benefits of using JtraderPro:


Register for JTraderPro profile at your convenience and add your JCSD account registered with one of the participating brokers:

  • Barita Investments Limited
  • CUMAX Wealth Management Limited
  • GK Capital Management Limited
  • M/VL Stockbrokers Limited 
  • NCB Capital Markets 
  • Sagicor Investments Limited
  • Victoria Mutual Wealth Management
  • Proven Wealth Limited
  • Stocks and Securities Limited 
  • JN Fund Managers Limited

If you do not have a JCSD account, you can submit a request to one of the participating Brokers for an account to be created.

To register for a JTraderPro Account, please visit the Online Trading Website

Funds Requests

You have the ability to instruct your Broker to utilize funds from your brokerage account to allocate to your JTraderPro account fund balance, which will allow you to execute transactions online. On completion of the sale of shares through JTraderPro the proceeds will remain on your available funds balance.  You also have the option of instructing your Broker to release the funds from your available funds balance or the proceeds can be utilized to execute other transactions on JTraderPro.

Order Management

You don’t have to wait until business hours to call your broker. You can place an order at your convenience anytime you want. However, actual trading only takes place on Business days between the hours of 9am -1pm. Activities include:

  • Buy or Sell Securities
  • Edit Active Buy or Sell Orders
  • Cancel Active Orders
  • View all transactions (current orders, order history and trades)

Real-Time Market View

You have the ability to view real time market information about what is happening in the various markets such as, indices, stock prices, daily volume traded, and market value.

View and Print Statements

As an Investor you can view and print your statements at your convenience. Your statements tell you your purchases, sales and the position of all securities owned.

Customer Support

Customer Support Representatives are available and ready to answer your questions and assist you with issues. Through our User Guides you can learn how to use the Online trading platform. Also, FAQ’s, Operating Guidelines, and the Terms and Conditions are available to review at your convenience.

You may visit the Online Trading Platform by accessing the link, https://jtraderpro.jamstockex.com