About the JSE Group

Welcome to the home of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

The JSE has evolved into a group of Companies (the JSE Group) with its core business being that of listing securities, the trading of securities, settlement, and custody of securities.

The JSE Group comprises of the:

  • Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE);
  • Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD) a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE and;
  • Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE).

The JCSD also has a wholly owned subsidiary, The JCSD Trustee Services (JCSDTS). 

Basic Functions of the Stock Exchange are to:

  • Provide an additional channel for encouraging and mobilizing domestic savings
  • Foster the growth of the domestic financial services sector
  • Provide savers with greater opportunities to protect their investments against inflation
  • Increase the overall efficiency of investments
  • Facilitate privatization
  • Improve the gearing of the domestic corporate sector and help reduce corporate dependence on borrowing.


The Exchange has taken the proactive approach of adding markets to respond to the needs of the wide-cross section of businesses and investors and now operates five (5) markets:

  • Main Market 
  • Junior Market 
  • US Denominated Market 
  • Bond Market
  • Private Market 

Key to the development of the Exchange, is the education of the market at all levels, so the Exchange works independently, and with stakeholders in the financial services sector to educate the market. There are several conduits and programmes to ensure that the market is kept updated and current.

A key component, however, is our e-Campus, which is geared towards providing professionals across the various sectors that the Jamaica Stock Exchange serves with transformational career development training. We empower professionals to put theory into practice.

The Exchange has structured activities geared towards the development of the social sectors and has demonstrated its commitment with its involvement in outreach projects, undergraduate scholarships and early childhood interventions. As a UN Sustainable Exchange, it realized its vision of a greater thrust in the social space with the establishment of the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE), to promote sustainable social growth through partnerships.

Among the several business units of the JSE are the e-Campus and the Regulatory and Market Oversight Division (RMOD) which are critical to the pivotal role of the exchange in market education and efficiency and confidence.


The JSE e-Campus is committed to providing professionals, prospective financial service providers and market players with transformational career development training and financial education. We empower professionals to put theory into practice and persons investing in the market with the power to participate successfully. Upon completion of certifications, individuals are more prepared for increased job performance.

Jamaica Stock Exchange’s e-Campus is an accredited institution that attracts a community of extraordinary students and faculty.

The JSE e-Campus offers an extensive suite of learning and development programs. This division employs the best training practices to allow the development of a deep understanding of core financial theory and financial market interdependencies, products and services.

Holders of a JSE e-Campus Professional Certificate are desk-ready, steeped in subject matter expertise and equipped with the practical skills to effectively function in the roles of their choice.


The RMOD was established to advance the JSE’s demutualization agenda. Demutualization involved the separation of the commercial activities from the regulatory activities of the JSE. The RMOD is an independent division of the exchange and was set up with the explicit purpose to promote market transparency, integrity and efficiency. It is geared towards protecting and advancing stakeholders’ welfare through the enforcement of rules, market surveillance, broker inspections and the regulation of listed companies.

Welcome to the home of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). The JSE has a rich history of mobilizing capital for companies which list on the Exchange.

The JSE’s mission statement defines what the organization does. This includes the tangible goals. The vision statement defines the direction that the JSE is heading. 

JSE Board of Directors

The Board Members of the Jamaica Stock Exchange are drawn from different interest groups which include: 

  • Shareholders’ Representative
  • Independent Members and includes
  • The Managing Director who is an Executive Member

Each member is elected based on the requisite skills and competencies that are required to serve the best interests of the Company to achieve optimal results for the shareholders. Representation reflects the diversity of stakeholders and the needs of the Company.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected by their peers.


With proper Governance, organizations will not only survive over the long term, but prosper, especially during very difficult times. The Exchange believes that the long-term survival of any company depends primarily on its corporate governance framework.

The JSE has a highly motivating management team with common objectives working cooperatively to achieve the objectives and goals. The Team led by Dr. Marlene Street Forrest, comprises of Managers of the various divisions of the JSE Group.

The JSE has two subsidiaries and several divisions. The subsidiaries are: Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD) and The Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE). Two specially mentioned divisions are: The Regulatory and Market Oversight and the e-Campus.


The JSE is very big on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and saw the importance in developing the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange to drive the process of CSR.

We provide a solid and professional working environment for our team-members as we are cognizant of the fact that our human capital is our most important asset. 

Find out what’s happening at the JSE, and be kept abreast on issues affecting listed companies and the markets in general. Stay tuned to the latest news right at your fingertips.