Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Director Resigns

Mr. Aulous Madden, a Director of the Company has resigned from directorship effective November 30, 1999. Mr. Madden has had to resign due to the burden of his overseas travelling

Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Final Dividend

The fiftieth annual general meeting of the company will be held at the Hilton Kingston Hotel on September 30, 1998 at 10 a.m. One resolution to be considered is for

Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Dividends

At the company’s annual general meeting on July 30, it was resolved that a dividend of 5% gross on preference shares together with an additional 2.5% participating dividend less tax

Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Acquisition of JBC

RJR is finalizing arrangements with the Government and it now appears likely that the negotiation of arrangements for the acquisition of JBC-TV and Radio-2 by RJR will be concluded on

Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Share Capital Increase

At the extra-ordinary general meeting on December 19 the following resolutions were passed: 1. An increase in the authorized share capital of the company from $22.9 million (divided into 50,000