GraceKennedy Limited (GK) Reports on Paymaster v GK Remitance Services Limited & Paul Lowe

Posted: December 13, 2017 at 9:50 am

Excerpt – GK 2016 Annual Report – Contingent Liability Paymaster v GKRS

GraceKennedy Limited (GK) has advided that on December 11, 2017, the Privy Council handed down its judgment on the matter of the claim “Paymaster v GraceKennedy Remittance Services Limited & Paul Lowe”, and unanimously allowed GK’s appeal and dismissed Paymaster’s counter appeal.  GK states that on the claim of breach of confidence the Law Lords found that there was no information in the software or manual in question that could have been considered confidential, and with respect to the copyright claim, the Privy Council ruled that Paymaster did not own the copyright in the software.

GK further  advises that  an indication of the Privy Council’s decision will be posted on their website and an update will be included in their 2017 Annual report as a note to the Financial Statements – Contingent Liability.

“GraceKenndy Limited is happy that the Privy Council decidied in our favour on this matter, affirming that GraceKennedy Remittance Services acted honestly and with integrity with respect to its dealing with Paymaster and the engagement of the developer of the software, Mr.Paul Lowe,” GK reports.

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