Productive Business Solutions Limited (PBS) – Transactions in Costa Rica and Guatemala

Productive Business Solutions Limited (PBS) has provided the following details of the transaction closed successfully in their subsidiary in Costa Rica in early 2018 and Guatemala in December 2017 and January 2018:

Costa Rica

  1. APM Terminals which is the biggest sea port operator worldwide, was contracted by the Costa Rican government to build and operate for 33 years a new container terminal at Moín, Costa Rica, which is programmed to start operations on January 2019. The port is to be built over an artificial island on the Costa Rican   Atlantic Ocean which has been built by APM as well.
  2. Once operational, Moín will be the largest port of Costa Rica and Central America having an impact on the Costa Rican economy. Moín will also be the first terminal to have non-intrusive technology, allowing it to comply with the  requests of Costa Rican largest trading partner, the United States.
  3. On May 2016 APM Terminals published an international bid, inviting the main representatives of non-intrusive safety equipment brands to participate in the process.    This bid was created as a consequence of APM’s obligation to install non-intrusive equipment in its new terminal for the detection of threats and contaminations of  merchandise. The referred bid is the first of three phases, thru which APM Terminals will  acquire 3-5 additional scanning equipment.
  4. PBS participates thru its local subsidiary, Productive Business Solutions (Costa Rica), S.A. in this tender along with 5 other suppliers. The product offered by PBS in this bid is L-3 brand equipment, manufactured by L-3 Communications. PBS was awarded with this deal on January 2017.
  5. The bid submitted by PBS consists of one portal scanner model CX-Portal, from the L-3 portfolio, along with equipment installation, training of the corresponding personnel and maintenance services. PBS must design and construct the necessary civil work, so to allow proper installation. PBS will also train operators, and render maintenance services for a period of 10 years. During such term, PBS should provide 24/7 support with certified engineers, sufficient inventory for spare parts, integrate the installed equipment  with other government institutions’ systems so to allow sharing of scanned images,  among others.
  6. The deal represents a total revenue for PBS of $2.3MM for the equipment’s sale and installation and $1.1MM for the maintenance services to be provided over a period of 10  years.


  1. The main Guatemalan International Airport issued two public bids on October 2017, to acquire the necessary safety and protection equipment for their regular operations.
  2. This equipment was necessary for the airport to keep the International Certification provided by ICAO.
  3. The bids were awarded to the local subsidiary, PBS Guatemala, on November 2017. PBS offered L3 Security and Detection equipment, its installation, operators training, set up and configuration of all the units.
  4. PBS offered 4 Provision 2 Body Scanners and 13 Protocol 6500 Metal Detector Arches for one of the tenders and 9 ACX 6.4MV Object Scanners for the second tender.
  5. The two tenders combined are valued in USD$2 Million and were successfully delivered on time by December 2017 allowing the airport to retain the ICAO certification.”