Podcasting – shared by Heneka Watkis Porter

10 Reasons Your Business Should Leverage the Power of Podcasting.

Prior to 2016, if you mentioned the term podcasting to me, I would be among those giving you a blank stare before hastily moving on to what’s next on my ‘to-do’ list. Fast track to 2018 and in I’ve become one of the most vociferous advocate and evangelist in the Caribbean for the effective new media technology of a podcast. My own podcast, The Entrepreneurial You, is available in iTunes and other podcast directories as well on my website.

A podcast is a digital audio file available via RSS on the internet either for download n a computer (or computer device such as iPad, iPod, tablet or smart phone) or for live stream on the web. The fact that listeners may tune in at their convenience from wherever they are. Usually it is where they can give full attention to the content of the podcast.

In iTunes alone, podcast subscription has passed the 1 billion mark (2015 data) – a clear indicator that people all over the world are tuning in to what podcasters have to say.

Podcasting continues to rise. Its audience is predominately 18-54 years and leans slightly male. The Podcast listener remains an affluent, educated consumer. Most podcast consumers listen to most of the podcast episodes they download, and the vast majority listen to at least most of each episode.

As you contemplate the direction and growth of your business, here are 10 reasons you need to consider a podcast for business:

  1. Improves public speaking skills

The ability to communicate successfully for negotiation and other purposes can mean the difference between success and failure. As a business owner, you need effective communications skills – having a podcast will undoubtedly develop your public speaking skills and confidence. The old adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ is true.

  1. Highly engaged listeners

The metric that most informs about consistent, meaningful engagement is monthly podcast listening. According to Edison research (2017), 67 million Americans listen to a podcast in the last month. Although this is a US based research, the findings can be extrapolated to any territory. Listeners are tuning in and not only that, they are providing open and honest feedback to podcasters.

  1. Ease of creation

A podcast is relatively easy to setup. In fact, using the Anchor.fm App, you can literally start a podcast in five minutes. Even the non-technical among us can create a podcast with ease (I have been hosting workshops for beginners). All you need to do is decide on your topic, length and format along with your recording and editing software.

  1. Build stronger relationships with audience

Having a podcast allows you to be more connected to your audience, they get to know, like and trust you more as you share meaningful content with them on a regular basis.

  1. Traffic generation

Want more traffic to your website? Start a podcast. Your content will be an incentive for listeners to visit. You can also advertise your website on your podcast so that those who are listening via iTunes and other podcast directories will be able to find you.

  1. Alternative to video

Videos are great and will always be. However, since podcast listenership is highly mobile, there is an advantage to watching videos on phones. As currently, you are not able to switch between screens when watching YouTube while still having access to the video. Listeners can be listening to a podcast and still visit other Apps, another reason a podcast is so convenient.

  1. Podcast ads are effective: Podcast ads deliver effective results. Listeners products

from podcast ads, they drive more engagement. Don’t miss an opportunity to get more raving fans from your podcast.

  1. Great addition to your marketing mix

A podcast is a great non-salesy way to promote your business. You can include your ads and your audience won’t mind because you are providing them with valuable content that is meaningful to them.

  1. Become an influence

Get known as an expert in your field. Before you know it, your growing audience from all over the world will start seeing you as an influence. This will generate more business for you and establish you as a market leader.

  1. Evergreen Content

Unlike radio or television where once a program airs that’s it, podcast episodes are fresh and evergreen. When you air an episode, it is always there so listeners can find it when they are ready to listen.

Are you thinking about starting your podcast?

Let me help you. I have been conducting workshops as well helping companies to create branded podcasts. Send me an email at henekawatkisporter@gmail.com or call 876-849-2571 or visit henekawatkisporter.com.