Meet Hugo Baquerizo at JSE’s eCampus CEO Seminar on March 29 | A leader in McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Latin America

Hugo Baquerizo Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, Panamá

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Hugo Baquerizo, a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company in Panamá, joins Dr. Marlene Street Forrest, Hon. Patrick Hylton, Ungad Chadda and other partners from McKinsey and Company, to delve into topic: “Utilizing Capital to Drive Digital Transformation: A CEO’s Practical Guide”, at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, on March 29, 2023.

Hugo will provide exclusive insights and unveil the latest case studies, with a special analysis of NCB’s Digital transformation.

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Brochure Digital Transformation CEOs Critical Guide, March 29, 2023

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