FosRich Company Limited’s (FOSRICH) Basis of Allotment of Shares in Non-Renounceable Rights Issue

Mayberry Investments Limited (MIL) issuer of the invitation for subscription for up to 55,729,647 new ordinary shares (the “Share”) in FosRich Company Limited (the “Company”), made subject to a Circular Letter and Provisional Allotment Letter dated 4 July 2023 (the “Circular”) is advising that the basis of allotment of the Shares has been determined.

In accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Circular, the allocation is as follows:

Shares for Existing Ordinary Stockholder:
a. Applicants who applied for less than or equal to their provisional allotment amount will receive their full amount.
b. Applicants who applied for more than their provisionally allotted amount will receive the total of their provisional allotment plus a pro-rata allocation of approximately 99.52% of the excess shares for which they applied.