TOJ – Final Dividend and Bonus

At a special meeting of the Board of Directors on March 26, 1997, the Directors approved the following resolutions: That the directors have recommended a one to one bonus issue

Ja. Producers Gp. Ltd. (JP) – Financial News

The profit attributable to the Group of $87.8 million for the period ending June, 1997, is well below the 1996 performance of $196.2 million for the same period. However, this

Hardware & Lumber (HL) – More on Buy-out

The Board of Directors of the company held a special meeting on July 30, 1997 to discuss the offer by Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Ltd. to acquire all of the outstanding

Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Dividends

At the company’s annual general meeting on July 30, it was resolved that a dividend of 5% gross on preference shares together with an additional 2.5% participating dividend less tax