Carreras Limited (CAR) Proposed Merger of Entities in its Ownership Structure

Carreras Limited (CAR) has advised of an intended change in the indirect shareholding of Carreras Limited by way of a merger under Dutch corporate law. The direct shareholder of Carreras Limited is Rothmans Holdings (Caricom) Limited.

Rothmans Holdings (Caricom) Limited is fully owned by British American Tobacco Holdings (Caricom) Limited B.V. It is intended that the parent company of Rothmans Holdings (Caricom) Limited, British American Tobacco Holding (Caricom) B.V. will merge into Rothmans UK Holdings B.V. and all the assets and liabilities of British American Tobacco Holding (Caricom) B.V. will be transferred, by way of law, to the surviving entity, Rothmans UK Holdings B.V. Both Rothmans UK Holdings B.V. and British American Tobacco Holdings (Caricom) B.V. are companies incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands.


The Financial Services Commission (FSC) has granted an exemption from the requirement that a mandatory offer be made to all other shareholders pursuant to section 26(2)(c) of the Securities (Takeovers & Mergers) Regulation