Caribbean Business Exchange (CBX) Positioned to bring Business and Financial Information to over 44 Million People across the Region

“Just over two years ago, the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) started the journey to provide an avenue where it could enhance its services to the Financial Sector by utilizing the vast data it accumulated over the years, to provide all sectors of the economy with focused and in-depth business information on the Caribbean markets in an engaging, educational and entertaining way that captures the imagination of all demographics, including the younger audience which is becoming so business savvy,” said Dr Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, at the recent launch of JSE’s Cable Channel – Caribbean Business Exchange (CBX).

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the JSE launched to the public the Caribbean Business Exchange (CBX), a division of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, with its tagline ‘Your Region, Your Station, Your Source’. CBX channel will be providing market news, daily updates and programmes reflecting the regional business realities.

On the purpose for including CX in the mix of our product offering, Dr Street Forrest further stated, “As we seek to provide value to our issuers and investors, we believe through our rich storehouse of data, and those from other content provider of business information, we can provide another source of business news to the public which will redound to further development of our region thus helping Jamaicans and our regional people to have a more rounded view of the Caribbean Business Community and assisting the globe to better understand us.”

CBX operations is being managed by Mr. Fitzroy Prendergast as Chief Technical Consultant and Station Manager. Fitzroy Prendergast has extensive media experience as the CEO of Cable News and Sports Television. In his remarks about CBX, Mr. Prendergast said, “Business is the engine of growth for any country. We believe that business should get not only an entire day of reporting and analyzing, but also a whole night for persons in the Caribbean to hear digest and make the most intelligent decision about how they do business.”

Many well-wishers from Corporate Jamaica and the Region offered their own insight of what JSE’s CBX channel could means to their business:

Miss Tracey-Ann Spence, Chief Operating Officer at NCB Capital Markets Ltd told the audience that “NCB is now in four Caribbean territories, and we want to be all over the Caribbean and CBX can be one of the media we use.”

Mr. Lloyd Distant, Immediate Past President of, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, noted that CBX will provide access to valuable financial information, which is needed by investors to make decisions, and this helps in transparency which is a key component of the JSE. He went on to opine that CBX will bring a new set of investors to the market, one that relies on the latest news to make sound financial decisions.

Miss Eva Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Limited said, “The Jamaica Stock Exchange is using the technology to connect with investors. This station will serve the purpose of making knowledge and information available to everyone and not a select few. This initiative will bring information to the 44 million persons across the Caribbean and not to mention the 30 million tourist that visits us annually. Initiatives such as this makes us stronger and a more united force.”

Mr. Marlon Yarde, Managing Director of Barbados Stock Exchange, stated that the Stock Exchanges across the region and around the world believes in transparency and the launch of CBX is another medium to ensure that the markets are as transparent as possible as CBX will be disseminating timely information to the public.

Mr. Cecil Foster, Managing Director of FosRich Company Limited, in his congratulatory message and endorsement lauded the JSE on the new initiative and stated that because of the JSE, his company was expanding into South America. “As we speak, I am in Brazil attending meetings on expanding into the Brazilian market and we are looking forward to working with CBX to highlight our products and services across the region.”

Ms. Marica Guadalupe Caballero, Deputy General Manager, Panama Stock Exchange, stated that her engagement with the JSE shows their professionalism, warmth and their attention to details. If this is employed by CBX, CBX will be extraordinary.

Mr. Delroy McLean said that the JSE’s launch of CBX gives more access to local regional and international news that can be easily consume by the masses. We have seen the impact that broadcasting information on the markets in the mainstream media, how it has let to more persons creating wealth for themselves. With the launch of CBX we are proud to be the facilitator of such a great brand.

Mr. Dirk Jan De Graff- Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, told the audience, the JSE is very good on building awareness about the market and through CBX they are ready to create awareness across the region. We will be happy to partner with them to create awareness on the market in the Dutch Caribbean. We are looking forward to the partnership.

The Guest Speaker, International Consultant Mrs. Theresa Turner-Jones, speaking at the CBX launch stated, “Huge congratulations to Dr. Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the JSE, for her vision and her continued passion to create wealth for all Jamaicans by democratizing access through the Jamaica Stock Exchange. I know this is working because when a supermarket worker told me last week that he is opening a JSE account for his son’s birthday present, I know the JSE is having the intended impact. Having reviewed the line-up of CBX future programs—the lineup of topics and the TV schedule is compelling.”