2021-2022 Public Stock Market Game: Know your trading platform and win big!

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Public Game Rules 

Live trading involves risk and upskilling. We invite you to join the 2021-2022 Public Stock Market Game and experience a new chapter of success in your life. Register and start playing right away.  Participation helps both experienced and novice investors trade better and keep the markets robust. Start today, taking up JSE’s offer of a risk free stock market trading account, with $100,000.00 equity in your portfolio. 

Click on the Public Game Rules to view the quick and easy steps to register and begin trading for free, with added bonus of winning big to trade real money in the live stock market.  Become familiar with the rules of the Game and cash incentives for top players:

Public Game Rules 

Give your support to the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s efforts to help investors trade more successfully and become more active investing in the stock market by  telling friends, family and associates about this Free public game, which is running for one year, October 19, 2021 to October 18, 2022.  At the end of this experience, investors will have new clarity to confidently repeat their tested and proven trade ideas on JSE’s live online world class Nasdaq Platform at jtraderpro.jamstockex.com.

Trading privacy protected

  • The administration and monitoring of the game are done by selected members of the JSE and will be governed by the rules outlined.
  • Portfolio details for all participants can be viewed by a game administrator only.
  • Each investor can view and update their own portfolio(s).

Inquiries and follow ups, please email: charlene.steer@jamstockex.com