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Venture Capital Pitch Room Winner 2017- Proudli Technologies Limited Received $300,000.00

The JSE’s Pitch Room is an ideal place to seek capital funding and get exposure for a business venture in front of an audience, judging panel, venture capitalists, investment bankers and journalists.

Renae Bruce Miller (left) of Proudli Technologies Limited is the coveted winner of the fiercely contested 2017 Venture Capital Pitch Room competition held during the Jamaica Stock Exchange Annual Regional Conference in January.  Smiling with pleasure, Renae collects her $300,000.00 cash prize from JSE’s General Manager Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest. Proudli Technologies Limited began operations in May 2015 and can be visited at

 The JSE’s Pitch Room proposals are judged on:

• Business viability
• Clarity of presentation
• Feasible organizational and marketing strategy
• Demonstrated expertise and passion for the business of the Entrepreneur(s)