Barita Trading in Shares

  Barita Investments Limited (BIL) has advised that during the period February 24, 2011 – March 18, 2011, a director purchased a total of 975,027 BIL shares.

Bartia Declares Dividend & AGM

  The Board of Directors of Barita Investments Limited (BIL) has declared an ordinary dividend of 3.5 cents per stock unit payable on April 27, 2011 to shareholders on record

Barita Dividend Consideration

  At a meeting of the Board of Directors of Barita Investments Limited scheduled to be held on January 18, 2011, the Directors will consider (and if thought fit), recommend

Barita US Equity Platform Facility

  Barita Investments Limited has entered into an agreement with Stock USA to offer a referral facility which will allow clients to trade on the United States Stock Exchange.

Barita Investments opt for 60 days

Barita Investments Limited has opted to submit their Audited Financials within 60 days of the end of Company’s financial year.