Certificate in Social Sector Management

The social sector in Jamaica is comprised of a wide range of organisations which are doing important social work to improve the quality of life of people especially those in vulnerable communities or in vulnerable situations. However, these organisations struggle to get predictable and adequate financial support to make them sustainable.

The Certificate in Social Sector Management Programme is designed to assist participants with the knowledge, and practical skills, which will provide the foundation necessary for a proper understanding of how social sector organisations (SSOs) self-govern, plan strategically, deliver service, and measure their social and environmental impact.

It also seeks to set participants on a trajectory that will strengthen their institutional capacity, transform them into financially self-sufficient social business enterprises or social enterprises, and bring them to a stage where they can attract equity investment.


The programme, Certificate in Social Sector Management, is an online programme aimed at developing the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes, of social sector operatives, that are critical for the sustainable and effective operation and management of a Not-for-Profit Organization and a Social Enterprise, respectively. The courses are targeted at:

  • Social Practitioners and members of staff and/or volunteers of social sector organizations
  • Foundations
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

The course is a 12-credit certificate programme. Participants will pursue a set of six (6) introductory modules, four (4) advanced modules and up to four (4) elective modules. Each credit hour corresponds to a minimum of 6 hours of participant engagement per week for a traditional 7-week course. This time may be spent on discussions, readings and lectures, study and research, and assignments.

The two (2) specialisations proposed are: (1) Management of Not-For-Profits and (2) Social Enterprise Management.


Unit 1: Introductory Modules

  • Corporate Governance
  • Project Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development
  • Strategic Planning for Social Sector Organisations
  • Essentials of Managing a Social Organisation
  • Understanding Financial Statements

Unit 2: Advanced Modules

  • Measuring Project Results
  • Systems and Tools for Impact Measurement
  • Social Impact Marketing
  • Capstone Project

Unit 3: Electives

  • Fundamentals of Sales Management
  • Scaling a Social Enterprise
  • Attracting & Raising Capital
  • Market Regulation and Compliance¬†

Frequently Asked Questions

The Programme registration Fee is JMD$5,000.00.

The Programme is not necessarily self-paced, as there will be tutorial sessions. However, the participants can access the materials on-demand with scheduled assessments.

Yes. No face-to-face interaction is planned for the course.

The Assessment will entail end of chapter quizzes and assignments. There will be no mid or final exams.

The Certification will be done through CPD UK and will be internationally recognized.

The JSSE Website will soon feature a link that will houses relevant resource information. We will evaluate the type of information that will be featured based on the needs of the social sector.

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