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Radio Jamaica Ltd. (RJR) – Acquisition of JBC

RJR is finalizing arrangements with the Government and it now appears likely that the negotiation of arrangements for the acquisition of JBC-TV and Radio-2 by RJR will be concluded on

Hardware & Lumber (HL) – Final Dividend

The Board of Directors has recommended that a Final Dividend for 1996 of ten cents per share be paid to ordinary shareholders on September 19, 1997. Record date is September

CIBC W.I. – Interim Dividend Declared

At a meeting of the Directors on May 29, 1997 an interim dividend of three cents (Bds.$0.03) was declared on the common shares of the company.

Dyoll Group Limited

Dyoll Gp. Ltd., certain of its stockholders, Dyoll Life Ltd. and FINSAC Ltd. proposed to sign an agreement whereby FINSAC Ltd. is to subscribe for 16,144,254 ordinary stock units of

CIBC W.I. Holdings – Dividend Recommended

The Board of Directors will meet on May 29, 1997 to consider inter alia, a recommendation for the payment of an interim dividend to the shareholders of the company.