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Jamaica Stock Exchange – Going Public Seminar

The Council of the Jamaica Stock Exchange will be hosting a seminar: “Going Public: What’s In It For Your Company” on Thursday February 20, 2003 . Registration begins at 8 a.m. The cost of the seminar is $1,500.00.

Keynote speaker is Mr. Keith M. King, Director, Corporate & Investment Banking, RBTT Financial Group, Trinidad & Tobago. The venue is: Les Ambassadeurs, Hilton Kingston, Jamaica, 77 Knutsford Boulevard. Seminar Moderator: Mr. Wain Iton , General Manager. J.S.E. Other speakers will be: Donna Duncan-Scott, Managing Director, JMMB Ltd.; Lance Hylton, Partner, Myers Fletcher & Gordon and Paul Cole, Director KPMG.

Call: Yvonne Nicholson/Charlette Eddie for further information at 967-3271-4.