Trading in Shares​​

Capital & Credit Merchant Bank Ltd.(CCMB): Trading of Shares

Transactions carried out by Connected Parties in Capital & Credit Merchant Bank Limited’s securities. Name                     No. of shares    Shares Bought/       Date            Balance Shares                   at 30.6.06          (Sold)   Capital & Credit Remittance Ltd.     1,335,369           30,000                       8.8.06                                                          8,500                         10.8.06                                                          31,500                       11.8.06                                                          44,000                       16.8.06        1,449,369

Dehring Bunting & Golding Limited: Trading of Shares

DB&G’s shares transactions by Directors, Senior Management and Connected Parties. Date                                Name                                Purchases                             Sales                     08-Aug-06             Trustees-DB&G ESOP                                                             217,058 09-Aug-06              Trustees-DB&G ESOP                                                             201,142

Mayberry Investments Limited(MIL): Trading of Shares

Trading activities carried out by Directors and or related persons of Mayberry Investments Limited during the period August 10,2006  to August 17, 2006. Date                          Name                               Position                         Trade (MIL) shares Aug.

GraceKennedy Ltd.(GK)- Trading of Shares

Mr. James Moss- Solomon, Senior Manager,  sold a total of 19,690 stock units in GraceKennedy Limited as follows:                         14,700 on August 9, 2006                         4, 990 on August 10, 2006

GraceKennedy Ltd.(GK) – Trading of Shares

Further to our letter dated August 9, 2006, this to clarify that the sale of 300,000 GraceKennedy stock units by Director, John Mahfood actually took place the weekend of August