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CariCRIS Presents an Intensive Credit Risk Training Programme

The CariCRIS Credit Risk Training programme offers participants the unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with analysing credit risk from the perspective of credit ratings. The concept of credit ratings is over 100 years old and today it is the most widely understood and accepted ‘language’ of debt markets. Often described as the shortest credit commentary in the world, ratings have been used and found as one of the most reliable indicators of credit risk by financial markets worldwide. The increasing use of credit ratings in developing markets and even in regulatory frameworks such as Basel-II, lays testimony to the utility and accuracy of these ratings.

The credit rating approach to credit risk analysis is an incisive one and distils the most relevant credit risk parameters in any credit situation or relating to any entity. This CariCRIS training programme is offered with the basic objective of imparting to the participants the concepts, practical approaches

and techniques used in credit risk identification and analysis, from a credit ratings perspective. Credit ratings are especially useful in allowing meaningful comparison among totally disparate entities belonging to different sectors or geographies and as such, this training programme not only introduces to participants how to analyse the risk of credit exposure to a sovereign, a bank and a manufacturing company, but also how to benchmark the risk associated with these diverse bodies using the same rating or scoring scale.

Registration/Payment   September 19th 2008



Registration:                    AMK Communications Limited

                                                Unit #6, The Domes,


85 Hagley Park Road, Kingston


85 Hagley Park Road, Kingston



                                        876-754-2293, 960-6788  or

Time:                            8:30 am to 4:30 pm

 Venue:                          Mona Visitors’ Lodge, University of the West Indies