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Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCC) – Supply to Local Market

Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCC) issued the following press release.


For Immediate Release April 10, 2017

Media Update: Carib Cement Supply to Local market

Caribbean Cement Company wishes to advise and offer further information and update to our customers and stakeholders in regards to our commitment to restore stability within the local retail trade. To this end please be advised of the following temporary solutions implemented to address the concerns in the local market:

  • During the period April 7th to 9th, more than 75,000 bags were delivered to the market, with an additional 80,000 bags delivered to a local supplier via ship. This level of supply will be maintained with more than one million bags being delivered into the trade over the next month.
  • Cement Exports have been suspended to focus all resources and efforts on meeting and prioritizing the local market.
  • We would like to inform our customers that we will be maintaining our current price on bagged cement to the retail trade.
  • Carib Cement has also received an additional 75,000 bags from one of our sister plants, all in an effort to reduce any further issues in the market, with another 150,000 bags set to be delivered over the next few weeks. Carib Cement is a part of a global supply network that will be able to promptly respond to unpredicted demand surges.

The implemented solutions along with investments and scheduled maintenance to improve efficiency will result in the needed improvement in the packaging area. These initiatives will address the recent market concerns and will ensure stability in the local market.

Caribbean Cement Company would like to reiterate our commitment to the local markets health and development and is proud of our role in building a greater Jamaica.


Contact: Mrs. Sophia Lowe Pinnock, Corporate Communication & Public Relations Manager
Caribbean Cement Company Limited
Tele: (876) 928-6231-5/ 416-9891 / Email: