Wigton Windfarm Limited – Changes to the Sub-Committees of the Board

Wigton Windfarm Limited (WIG) has advised that the Board of Directors of the Company, in an effort to rationalize and restructure its various sub-committees, approved the following changes and appointments to the Company’s Board Sub-Committees with effect from February 8, 2023:


1.Dispensed with the Audit, Finance and Investment Sub-Committee and the Technical Sub-Committee.


2. Established and newly constituted an Audit and Risk Sub-Committee comprised as follows:

  • Dennis Chung (Chairman);
  • Gregory Shirley;
  • Jacqueline Stewart Lechler;
  • Nigel Davy; and
  • Omar Azan


3. Established and newly constituted a Finance and Investment Sub-Committee comprised as follows:

  • Mariame McIntosh Robinson (Chairperson);
  • Hugh Johnson;
  • Nigel Davy;
  • Dan Theoc; and
  • Earlington Barrett


4. Changed appointments to the Corporate Governance Committee as follows:

  • M. Georgia Gibson Henlin (Chairperson) (No Change);
  • Hugh Johnson (No Change);
  • Earlington Barrett (No Change);
  • Dan Theoc; and
  • Mariame McIntosh Robinson


5. Changed appointments to the Nominations, Compensation and Human Resources Committee as follows:

  • Gregory Shirley (Chairman) (No Change);
  • Jacqueline Stewart Lechler (No Change);
  • Earlington Barrett (No Change);
  • Omar Azan (No Change); and
  • Dennis Chung


The rationalization and restructuring exercise was not as a result of any disagreement or issue with any of the Directors’ ability to carry out any of the functions delegated by the Board by virtue of the previous appointments.  It was done to ensure greater alignment of the Board and its oversight responsibility with the strategic direction of Wigton.