Uncover Wealth – check out this Advanced Certificate Short Selling Stocks, Online on September 22

As JSE evolves, this market education and training are being provided by JSE e-Campus to equip interested parties to capably transact or discuss with a broker intelligently, assessed potentials, to profit shorting a stock. Grow with the Exchange. Learn from the Best - Investment Strategy • Techniques • Tools and Tips • Deadline to register, 7th September

Short selling is basically the opposite of going long, where you’d buy stocks with the expectation that it will increase in value. To profit from short selling, you make money when the stock price drops. This process is called short selling (or shorting).

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Learn what to do. Know when to do it. Seize this unique opportunity to obtain advanced rounded stock market education with Dr. Howard Haughton.  Learn from the expert you want to become: strategy, techniques, tools, and tips to enter a short sell Like A Pro. Learn to boldly use the market’s volatility, and normal price movements in your favour and maximize on profits.

Short selling stocks is an advanced strategy that experienced traders take advantage of. It is not the typical way to make money in our stock market. However, when you understand and master the reverse strategy to sell first, then buy to close the trade, you have to open your investments to a whole different side of the market to bank higher profits.

At this workshop, you can see just how the numbers work when you short a stock. Don’t miss out on this rare offer to understand one of the oldest trading processes in the stock market. How do I sell a stock that I don’t own? How do I make a profit off a stock’s falling prices?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, be ready to take your understanding of short selling and the real prices of shares to a new level!

  • EVENT: Short Selling Training Workshop
  • DATE: Thursday, September 22, 2022 / 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Jamaica (Bogota time) | Deadline to register 7th September
  • LOCATION: Online
  • COST: J$23,000 or US$155 (includes tax)
  • PRESENTER: Dr. Howard P. Haughton, CRA CPM CAM CTP CMath FIMA (Profile)
  • CONTACT: For group rate and to complete your registration, please email: Charlene.Steer@Jamstockex.com
  • REGISTRATION (Fillable Form attached): Please complete and submit along with copy of payment receipt

In this short training, you will know:

The motivation for short selling The risks possible in short selling
Securities lending/borrowing and role in short selling The conditions desirable for short selling
Key players in the market for short selling Examples/case studies of the use of short selling
Determinants of costs to short selling  

This workshop is ideal for:

• Wealth Advisors • Market Makers • Brokers • Experienced Traders • Analysts • Chief Risk Officers • Asset Managers • Compliance • Academia • Researchers • MBA students • PhD Students • Private Investors • Institutional Investors • Pension Funds • Insurance Companies • Mutual Funds • Hedge Funds • Endowment Funds • Venture Capital Funds • Angel Funds • Credit Unions • Banks • Retail Investors transacting through the Brokerage • Business Investors

For group rate and to complete your registration, please email: Charlene.Steer@Jamstockex.com 
*Deadline to Register: 7th September

REGISTRATION (Fillable Form attached)