Sterling Asset Management donates $300,000 for Ventilators.

Posted: May 6, 2020 at 7:36 am

Sterling Asset Management has chosen to support the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s (JSSE) Ventilator Initiative by donating J$300,000 to this worthy cause.

Ventilators are must have instruments for the treatment of advanced stages of COVID-19 infections. Unfortunately, there is a local and global shortage of this device and several efforts are being implemented to fabricate new units. There are, however, many defective units distributed within our local hospitals, many of which are salvageable.

The JSSE aims to raise some $3M with the purpose of getting the Mona-Tech Engineering Services Limited to repair defective ventilators and other critical biomedical instruments.  Sterling Asset Management has contributed almost 10% of this target and we call on corporate Jamaica to help ensure our country is better equipped to deal with this medical emergency.

Support the JSSE Ventilator Initiative by pledging what you can.

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