Why is a Professional Certification Important?

Certification programs evaluate and ensure the competency of professionals through clearly defined measurement of the participant’s innate skills and knowledge. Employers desiring to hire or promote, views education as an important determining factor, which is why it’s important to earn Professional Certification in your field.

The JSE e-Campus Professional Qualifications prepares people to work in various functionary position within the Financial Services sector, our programs involve practical training which makes our participants “Desk Ready”. The professional programmes are linked with specific Desk requirements or job description and are designed to help participants enhance, develop and reinforce relevant skills for a particular career path.

What are the benefits of pursuing professional certification at the JSE e-Campus?

  •   Gain a Competitive Advantage in your specific area of expertise or job requirements.
  •   Ability to your job functions (Desk Ready), Execute Projects with Increased Efficiency.
 • Enhanced opportunity to increase Your Earning Potential through upward mobility within and without your current organization.
  •   Update Your Knowledge and Skills in your specific specialization.
  •   Build Professional Credibility in your respective field.

What is considered a professional certificate?

Professional certification or professional designation, often called simply certification or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. A certification test is a credentialing test used to determine whether individuals are knowledgeable enough in a given professional area to be labeled “competent to practice” or “desk ready” in that area.

What are the benefits of being certified at the JSE e-Campus?

The core advantages for participants to choose certification at JSE e-Campus are:
  •  Flexibility of studying while working.
  •  Enhanced career prospects.
  •  Enhanced knowledge in your area of specialization
  •  Your employer knowing you have received it from a registered and accredited institution.
  •  Competitive Advantage of being trained by qualified personnel at the top of their field.

Why is being certified by the JSE e-Campus is important?

Certification is in increasing demand in the Financial Services Sector. More and more employers are looking at certification to assess whether an individual possesses the skills and knowledge required for successful performance in a particular job role and providing economical returns on their investment in people employed in their organization.

What is the requirement to be accepted in the JSE e-Campus Professional Certification Programme?

Having completed a First Degree or equivalent qualification.
The JSE e-campus Online Securities Course
Eight (8) years relevant working experience in the Financial Services arena

Professional Certification programme offered by the JSE e-Campus

  1.  Alternative Investments

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These certification programmes are in high demand and classes will be filled on a first come first served bases, due to limited class size.