Organizational Structure

The JSE e-Campus has a governance and operational structure which maintains the integrity of the programmes offered and ensures the campus’ efficient operation on a daily basis.

The structure consists of the following:

  • Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Board of Directors
  • Board of Governors
  • Academic Review Committee
  • Principal
  • Academic Dean

The Board of Directors of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the JSE e-Campus’ Board of Governors are responsible for policy development and setting the strategic direction of the campus; the Academic Review Committee ensures the integrity of the programmes offered; the Principal, Academic Dean, Administrator and the e-Campus team are responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of the campus in alignment with the strategic direction set forth by the Board of Directors.


Meet The Staff


  • Samuel Parkes – Principal
  • Alafia Dally – Administrator
  • Tasheka Smith – Student Coordinator
  • Shanique Gray – Recruiter
  • Randy M. D. Fagan – Recruiter
  • Sanjay Campbell – Technical Support Officer
  • Kemar Guyah – Technical Support Officer