Terrence Cooper – Profile

Core Competencies:
  • Intellectual agility with strong analytical, innovation and problem solving skills.
  • Experienced in managing multiple lines of business, distribution channels, cultures and markets.
  • Excellent business acumen and judgment to enable balancing of appropriate risk taking and business decision making.
  • Strong oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to lead, build consensus and drive action among diverse stakeholders.
  • Exceptional negotiating skills, coupled with strong risk management knowledge, including advanced pricing models, enterprise risk management, and leveraging IT with a Fin-Tech mindset.

An accomplished and dynamic Financial Services Executive with over 15 years of strategic leadership experience and a proven track record in business development, led by derivative thinking and a disruptive approach. Mr. Cooper assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in November 2012 for CRIF S.p.A,’s Caribbean Credit Bureau operations located in Jamaica. He is charged with full P&L responsibility and execution on CRIF’s strategic growth strategy in collaboration with the Board of directors, as it relates to translating the vision of the organization into deliverables and the management of value added credit information services. His expertise lies in Credit Risk Management, Account Acquisition, Portfolio Management, Risk Mitigation and strategic Business Development. His mission is to empower and support Jamaican banks, financial institutions, SME’s and consumers with a complete range of credit solutions ranging from Analytics, Scoring Models, Auto Decisioning, Fraud Prevention, and strategic planning.

Prior to joining CRIF NM, Terrence worked for the TransUnion Credit Bureau in their Toronto offices for 10 years, where he held a variety of positions progressing from Account Manager to National Account Executive and then onto Director of Business Development, for TransUnion’s Caribbean operations. In his capacity as Regional Director of the Caribbean, Terrence was instrumental in setting the foundation for what is now a thriving and successful credit bureau operation in Trinidad & Tobago. His unique understanding of the challenges and requirements of establishing a credit bureau in an emerging economy continues to serve Jamaica well. Terrence holds a BA. from the Toronto Institute of Business, is a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, and has been a guest speaker at IFC and World Bank conferences. He is a long standing member of the Credit Association of Greater Toronto, and the Credit Scoring and Risk Strategy Association.