Nichole Brackett-Walters


Manager, Group Marketing & Communications, NCB Jamaica Limited


Nichole holds an MBA from the Mona School of Business and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Technology, Jamaica both with concentration in Marketing and boasts several accolades for academic performance from both institutions. A certified Scrum Master, Nichole is also a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)


Nichole Brackett Walters currently serves as Group Marketing and Communications Manager at the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited and has been with the organization for nearly 20 years. In this role, she has responsibility for managing marketing and corporate communications functions for the NCB Group. In addition, Nichole has oversight for the NCB Foundation and is actively involved in philanthropic activities undertaken by the Group.

As lead for the marketing and communications team, she has driven multiple diverse projects generating strong brand, strategic and sales outcomes for the organization both locally and regionally. Nichole spearheaded the implementation of a marketing operations model, from which a marketing operations function was created, leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency within the marketing division. She leads crisis communications for the organization and was instrumental in developing a crisis communications framework as well as leading the crisis communications taskforce responsible for ensuring effective and efficient communications with stakeholders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, she has responsibility for communications related to integration initiatives from mergers and acquisitions and has successfully completed a number of these projects, leading to improved change and integration outcomes.

Nichole boasts strong leadership skills and is responsible for driving the success of a dynamic marketing and corporate communications team. Her passion is helping to improve the quality of young marketers and drive their contribution to strengthening the marketing industry in Jamaica. In keeping with this, she is an adjunct lecturer in marketing at the University of Technology, Jamaica where she delivers various marketing courses. She also has a blog targeted at improving marketing talent by educating and empowering young marketing professionals to become experts in the field.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and love for crafts, children and learning, led me to start a business that sells custom hand-made greeting cards and also host creative events geared at engaging children in a fun and hands-on way.



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