Course Offerings



The JSE e-Campus offers a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management which comprises fourteen (14) courses in three (3) Modules with each course being taught by reputable lecturers within the field. Each of these courses may also be completed as a short-term Post-Graduate Certificate course at either of two levels; Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Participation.


Quantitative Methods

At the end of this Course, students will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of statistics and statistical inference, methods for organizing and describing data, apply the concepts of random variables and probability distributions, apply the basic principles of regression analysis, and the basic principles of the time value of money.

Fundamentals of the Money Markets

This course introduces students to the local and global financial environment with special emphasis on Secondary Market composition and its impact on the Capital Markets .

Treasury Risk Management

A practical training program on how to manage complex interest rate and currency exposures, manage the risks involved, and effectively allocate the funds of the institution .

Credit Risk Management

This course provides an understanding of the credit process and covers the modern techniques of credit risk management .

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

This course will bring together practitioners and eminent academics to provide a forum to discuss the latest developments in the industry and share the successes and challenges they have had in their own organizations with students



Global Capital Markets and Financial Tools

The mission or objective of this course is to have the students gain an in-depth understanding of futures and options, how they work, its uses, risks etc.

Compliance, Ethics and Corporate Governance

A thorough study of current compliance, ethics and corporate governance best practices through a rigorous combination of self-study and presentations, participants will gain valuable insights and knowledge in ethical, compliance and corporate governance activities for immediate application to the workplace.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management is an important part of the financial service industry and this course will bring together practitioners and academics describing the latest developments in the industry

Market Risk and Middle Office Management

This course is designed to assist participants to understand the importance of risk management and how middle office operations can facilitate the risk management process.



International Bond & Debt Market

This course will cover most aspects of financial management from an international perspective.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Privatization

In this unit, candidates will learn about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the various ways in which deals are structured.

Corporate Structures and Procedures

This course of study examines the corporate structures and procedures in various cultural and geographic locations.

Mastering Financial Negotiations

This course is primarily about the application of negotiation concepts and skill to make deals, build relationships and resolve conflicts in a business context

Understanding & Interpreting Jamaica’s Financial Regulations & Law

This course is designed to give participants a clearer understanding of Jamaica’s financial regulations & law. It covers the areas of Aspects of Commercial Law; Financial Sector Laws; Compliance Issues and Emerging Reforms and other relevant issues.


The JSE e-Campus’ programme and certificate courses are operating efficiently. However, the intention is to be able to offer a comprehensive coverage of courses to individuals geared at improving financial literacy at the graduate and post graduate levels in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

The JSE e-Campus offers workshops in critical areas for individuals operating within the sector and beyond. Some key workshops being offered include:

  • Corporate Secretary
  • Beginners’ Guide – The Art of Buying and Selling Shares
  • Personal Finance                                                                                                                                          

For more information visit the Workshops page.

Additionally, the robustness of our e-learning platform allows other institutions to be able to offer their courses online via the e-Campus.

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