Protect Your Retirement: JSE’s Upcoming Retirement Financial Planning Seminar is for you!

Posted: April 16, 2018 at 3:10 pm


Nobody wants to leave money on the table, but it happens too often!

Learn to make the best financial plan for retirement from one of the industry’s best experts

Get important information not widely shared in the industry. Don’t leave your money on the table!


  • Magdalena Cooper de Neuze, FSC Licenced Pensions Consultant & Partner at Milestones & Lifestyle Planning Services  
  • Miss Ingrid Cole, Estate Administration Executive – Administrator-General’s Department
  • Ralston McKenzie, Broadcaster and Journalist – listen & ask question as Ralston shares his story … his journey.

 The FOCUS: Income and Lifestyle.

The EVENT: Retirement Financial Planning Seminar.  Preserving Income & Maintaining Lifestyle Post Retirement

When: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 / 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: The Knutsford Court Hotel, 5 Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 5

Why be there? Gain the Secrets, Steps & Strategies to collect all the monies & entitlements for comfortable lifetime income & preretirement lifestyle!

Cost: $18,000 (Call for Special GROUP rate)

 *Don’t miss “LET’S TALK”.  Drilling deep to discover hidden information, benefits, rates and entitlements that can be combined to give you the best retirement plan that will preserve your income and maintain your lifestyle post-retirement!

 It is possible to outlive our money and forced  to return to work after having attempted to retire, if educated informed planning is not done!

You will be most delighted to be a student of Pension Consultant Magdalena and discover the best retirement game plan from among the available choices in each class, which is the first step in making sure that your retirement funds last as long as you do!

 Magdalena is a powerful champion whom you will love for her passion to help companies & individuals with the sometimes pesky subject of retirement. Armed with 33 years of professional & legal knowledge, as a retiree, Magdalena Cooper de Neuze Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk!

 The Best PART.  A Takeaway easy step by step schedule for protecting your financial security in retirement.

 This knowledge is not written down anywhere and neither commonly disclosed. Therefore, you won’t want to miss out!

 Space is Limited. We look forward to seeing you at this empowering revealing Retirement Financial Planning Seminar.


For further details and registration, contact Miss Charlene Steer
Telephone: 967-3271


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