Massy Holdings Limited’s (MASSY) Stock Split

Further to the advisory from Massy Holdings Ltd (MASSY) that shareholders approved a 20:1 stock split effective March 11, 2022 (, the price of MASSY will be adjusted effective Thursday, March 10, the ex-stock split date.  MASSY will commence trading at $97.63 on March 10, (1/20th of the close price as at Wednesday, March 9, 2022).

Please be advised that existing orders in the trading system at prices outside +/- 15% of the adjusted price of $97.63 will automatically be removed from the queue and placed in a referred state on the start of day on Thursday, March 10, 2022.

The additional shares pursuant to the stock split will be credited to the qualifying accounts after close of trading on March 11, 2022.