Managing Your Dividend Payment with a Mandate

Posted: September 30, 2020 at 5:27 pm

All Investors can manage their dividend payment by completing a Mandate Form (JCSD Investor Instruction Form – Mandate Form) and provide the required information to have their dividend payment deposited in the institution of their choice.

What is a Mandate?

A Mandate is really giving instructions to the JCSD relating to the handling of your dividend or interest payment. 

There are three types of Mandates: Bank; Hold and Third Party


The investor indicates which financial institution their payment should be forwarded to.                                                          

The information required are:

    •  Bank Name

    •  Bank Branch

    •  Account Number

    •  Account Type

    •  Account Currency

    •  Name (s) on Account


The investor may wish that their dividend or interest payment is held at the Registrar’s office for collection.


The investor may wish to send their dividend or interest payment to someone other than the parties on the account or to an institution of their choice, for example, a charity or a church.

When there is a dividend payment, the mandate information is forwarded to the Registrar so that they can follow the investors’ instructions accordingly.


The comprehensively completed and duly signed Mandate Form (JCSD Investor Instruction Form – Mandate Form) can either be submitted by one of the following ways.

  1.  Emailed to the Depository Services Unit at   copied to or;
  2.  Be delivered to the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD – a   subsidiary of the JSE), located at the office of the Jamaica Stock   Exchange at 40 Harbour Street, Kingston or;
  3.  Given to your Broker for further delivery to the JCSD (which we will   not be able to guarantee receiving at the time of delivery or act on   until received)

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