KLE Group Limited (KLE) – Temporary Closure of the Usain Bolt Tracks and Records Restaurant System in Ocho Rios

KLE Group Limited (KLE)  has issued the following release:

“Fran Jam the Franchisor of the Usain Bolt Tracks and Records (UBT&R) restaurant system, wishes to advise that UBT&R Ocho Rios temporarily closed its doors an April 30, 2019 to facilitate relocation to a new property. Fran Jam is always looking for opportunities for locations to perform more successfully.

“This temporary closure is a strategic decision between the franchisee and franchisor to better serve the Ocho Rios residents and tourists. Currently, the team is working to have the location ready for reopening as soon as possible.

KLE Group is a part owner of Fran Jam.”