JSE Preference Shares

Posted: June 6, 2008 at 12:00 am

The JSE closed its offer of Preference Stock Units on May 30, 2008.


The offer was oversubscribed by approximately 88%. The size of the Offer has not been increased. Stock units have therefore been allocated to some applicants on a pro rate basis. The JSE retained the right to allocate stock units on a basis determined in its sole discretion, as provided for in the Prospectus (at page 36, No. 4).


Having closed the Offer we now wish to advise the JSE of details and basis of allotment as required by Rule 403 of the JSE Rules:

A total of 62,153,411 shares were applied for with a total value of $124,385,134.75

A total of 279 applications received

Applications received from employees of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the Jamaica Central Securities Depository will be fully allocated.

For all applications, the first 15,000 shares applied for will be fully allocated.

Applications in excess of 15,000 shares will be pro-rated such that the total value of the shares issued does not exceed J$66M.

The Registrar to the Offer (the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited) will be distribute refund cheques and certificates of allotment guided by the basis of allotment above.  

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