Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Net Profit Increase by a Record 97%

Posted: August 9, 2018 at 5:47 pm

For the Second Quarter ended June 30, 2018, the Jamaica Stock Exchange Group (JSEG) recorded a Net
Profit after Tax of $89.8m reflecting an increase in Income of 33.7% and a reduction in expenses of 14% over
the corresponding quarter in 2017. The increase in Income was due primarily to a significant improvement in
Cess Fee when compared to Q2 in 2017. Earnings per Share of $0.13 in Q2 2018 increased by $0.07 (116.7%)
compared to the corresponding quarter in 2017. The Return on Equity was 8.7% as against 5.11% in Q2 2017.

The JSEG reported consolidated income of $316.3m, which represents a $79.7m (33.7%) increase over the
corresponding quarter of 2017. This can be attributed mainly to Cess Fee, which increased by $43.5m (75.3%)
when compared to the corresponding quarter for 2017 due to an increase in aggregate trading value for the
period under review. Fee Income also increased by $39.9m (25%) when compared to Q2 2017.

Net Profit
For the Second Quarter ended June 30, 2018, the JSEG recorded a Net Profit after Tax of $89.8m. This
represents an improvement of $44.3m (97.4%) for the Group when compared to the profit of $45.5m for the
corresponding period in 2017. Improvement in Net Profit continues to be positively impacted by Cess Fee and
Income from the wider range of products and services that are now being offered by the JSEG.

According to Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest Managing Director, JSE, “These positive results are due to the
execution of the JSE’s strategies and the Board, Management and Staff working together to achieve the goal of
the organization. It is important to note also that we budget to list 14 securities for the year and we have listed a
total of 16 securities already. New Listings bring new investors and more activities in the market. The Group
Fee Income is derived primarily from listing, trustee, registrar and trade fees. This encompasses our traditional
business and our diversification strategy which have yielded tremendous benefits to the Group and our
customers. The Exchange will continue to grow as businesses raise funds via IPO and structured products. We
also anticipate growth with the increase in trading volumes and values which is a consequence of the growth in
the number of securities listed”.


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