Jamaica Social Investment Exchange (JSIX)/Jamaica Impact Investment Exchange (JIIX)


What is the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange?

The Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE) is being pioneered by the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), not just as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity of the JSE, which it is initially, but is actually innovating the Financial Sector to the promotion of the Social Capital Markets. In so doing, it will be helping to localize the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals-SDG’s (circa Rio 2015) which evolved out of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

It proposes to initially establish a self-sustaining Jamaica Social Investment Exchange(JSIX) for the “Not for Profit” Sector and to establish in the second phase, as the upcoming legislation allows, the Equity or Impact Investment based model, the Jamaica Impact Investment Exchange(JIIX).

It will engage the Financial Sector and the entire economy of the country towards a greater good, which encompasses sustainable development with people at the centre, growing the Social Economy, which is now approximately 3.5% of Jamaica’s US$17B economy, largely comprising “Not for Profits” or NGOs. Combined with an emerging formal Social Enterprise (SE) sector, through the JSSE, we can see growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Competition Guidelines

Must clearly show the existence of the two (2) different Social Capital Markets –Jamaica Social Investment Exchange (JSIX) & Jamaica Social Impact Exchange(JIIX)

  • Show alignments to global SDGs
  • Convey the concepts of:
    • Sustainability, Mission/Purpose-Socio-Cultural & Environment, People Centric & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Creation & Growth in GDP
  • Design specs: “vector eps along with a raster version (jpeg, tiff or png)

Application Guidelines: 

Open: Tues Oct 31st , 2019                           

Closes: midnight Nov 15th, 2019



The competition is open to the Public, but is targeting the Social Economy stakeholders, especially members of the SOCIAL ENTERPRISE WORKING GROUP comprising persons at PIOJ, MICAF-SEWG & MSME Working Groups, FHi360, JSIF, BC, USAID with a special focus on Students through the British Council’s Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme.

Prize announcement will be made at the JSE on Nov 22, 2019   

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