It’s back again and NOW OPEN!!

1st Quarter now open and accepting Submissions! Enter now! for your chance to win up to J$400,000

The JSE’s Market Research Competition Season 2023/2024

1st Quarter now open and accepting Submissions!

Are you looking to enhance your skills, be eligible for a promotion or just want to win some cash? Well, the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s (JSE) Market Research Competition (MRC) has done that for many winners and you could be one of them.

Enter now! for your chance to win up to J$400,000 and be on your way towards updating your resume, getting that job promotion or just some more money in your account or starting that investment you want to make.

The JSE invites analysts from the securities industry, tertiary institutions, the media or any such financial affiliated company, to conduct research, present analyses and make their submission based on the selected company’s past performance and future expectations.

Submissions should be between two thousand and two thousand five hundred words (2,000-2,500), excluding graphics, charts, and appendices. Articles should be typed 1.5 space using 12-point Times New Roman or an equivalent font. Participants are strongly encouraged to make effective use of visual presentations including graphs, charts, and other illustrative devices to enhance their submissions. All sources of information are to be cited in an appendix.

Kindly note that your document must include an Executive Summary at the top right-hand corner and this should also include your recommendation (i.e. buy, hold or sell).                                 

Please send your submission in Microsoft Word format via email to on or before the due date. NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please complete and send in your application form prior to sending your submission.

1st Quarter Application Form

1st Quarter MRC Question

Market Research Competition (MRC) Overview

Market Research Competition (MRC) Brochure