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Scotia Investments is also an authorized primary dealer, through which the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) conducts its open market trading operations.We pride ourselves on having a personal touch with our clients, placing their financial goals and needs at the forefront.  This sees us customizing financial solutions matched to our customers’ short, medium and long-term goal horizons. An integral area of Scotia Investments is our cadre of talented, experienced and motivated professionals, who deliver the firm’s menu of products and services based on comprehensive training. Investment Advisors are accredited both locally and internationally by the Financial Services Commission and the Canadian Securities Institute respectively. 


Products and Services

Scotia Investments Jamaica Ltd. is a subsidiary of Scotia Group Jamaica Limited (Scotiabank Group) and represents the investment arm of the Group. Scotia Investments currently offers the widest array of investment products and services in Jamaica which includes:


  • Money Market Investment Products
  • Unit Trust & Mutual Funds
  • Stockbrokerage & Equity Trading Services
  •  Pension & Asset Management
  • Cambio Services



Dr. Adrian Stokes


Assistant Vice President./Branch Manager:

Annette Phillpotts


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