Gain Valuable Insights on the Benefits and Opportunities of the Blockchain Technology with Reggie Middleton

Posted: June 22, 2017 at 4:16 pm


Reggie Middleton is an American entrepreneur who is the founder of Veritaseum and the finance and technology blog, Boom Bust Blog.
Until 2011, he wrote about financial evaluation and the global financial crisis at the Huffington Post. According to Forbes, Middleton “combines self-promotion with meticulous financial analysis that is often delivered with a whiff of bathroom humor”.


After graduation from university, Middleton worked for Prudential Insurance and trained in the sale of financial products. Since then, he worked in the fields of financial securities and risk management. He was also a significant investor in residential real estate.

Middleton is known for making predictions about the crash of markets and large financial institutions long before they occur. Aaron Elstein of Crain’s New York Business said “Mr. Middleton has been startlingly accurate in the past. He forecast the collapse of the housing market in 2007, and in early 2008 warned of the demise of Bear Stearns weeks before it happened.

In 2007, he founded Boom Bust Blog, a commercial financial advisory reported to have over 3000 subscribers.

In February 2013, he won CNBC’s first-ever stock draft competition beating out six other professional traders.  He then went on to win the second CNBC stock draft in 2014 by an even larger margin, beating out all other professional participants.

In 2014, he founded Veritaseum, the progenitor of UltraCoin technology. According to Mr. Middleton, UltraCoin exploits modern cryptography in the fields of finance, economics and value transfer to disintermediate legacy financial institutions such as Wall Street banks.

In 2017, he announced the crowdsale of an Ethereum ERC20 Token for access to the services of Veritaseum. An estimated 1,926,109 Veritas (VERI) Tokens were issued of the 51 million offered. The remaining of 100 Million tokens reserved for future sale to interested parties. VERI Tokens are described as the software to unlock the services of Veritaseum.
Reggie Middleton is an alumnus of the Howard University.
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