Entrepreneurs Get Funded! Opportunity to sell your idea and win over potential investors – Deadline Extends to December 11


The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)
Venture Capital Pitch Room

Venture Capital Pitch Room – Application Form 2021

The Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Venture Capital Pitch Room is an ideal place to seek funding and get exposure for a business venture. The Pitch Room will feature a one-hour segment where six lucky entrepreneurs will have precisely six minutes to pitch their proposals for venture capital in front of an audience, judging panel, venture capitalists, investment bankers and journalists.

The entrepreneur’s presentation/pitch must state clearly:

– What their product or service is;
– The unique value being offered or competitive advantage enjoyed;
– The amount and type of funding being requested and the purpose for which it will be used;
– What percentage stake of the business willing to give up.

The process involves three phases. After registration, all registrants will be required to do:

(a) A 10-week Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer (IEEE) on demand Training Portal
(b) The shortlisting of candidates
(c) The mentorship programme

After the above processes are completed, a pre-judging will be done to select the Top Five (5) entrepreneurs, who will be invited make their business pitch at the JSE’s Annual Conference on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

The proposals will be judged on:

– Business viability
– Clarity of presentation
– Feasible organizational and marketing strategy
– Demonstrated expertise and passion for their business

The Benefits:
 Cash Prizes
 The business product/service receives exposure to potential investors and customers
 Participants will be exposed to a high-level entrepreneur training via the IEEE portal
 The possibility of securing Venture Capital funding
 Great advertising platforms
 Mentorship from industry experts
 Feedback from investors on the business idea, product and/or service.

Conditions to apply:
Please be advised that you must satisfy the following eligibility requirements to be considered for participation in the programme:

i. The individuals applying must be 18 years or older;
ii. At least 50% of the business must be Jamaican;
iii. Must be a part of the management team or one of the business owner/conceptualizer;
iv. Must be willing to negotiate and/or entertain discussions for equity investment;
v. The business is not listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange;
vi. Be willing to register the business as a public company;
vii. Individuals should be persons considered fit and proper; and
viii. Must agree to complete the IEEE Training in 10 weeks.

Application Package:
Individuals interested in participating must complete and return the following documents to the JSE’s Marketing Department; communications@jamstockex.com:

– Application Form
– Business Plan Questionnaire
– Submitted Material Release
– Pitch Release Agreement

If you are applying as a part of a team of founders/owners/conceptualizers; each individual must complete and submit their own application form and accept the conditions of the releases/agreements.

The selected companies must be available and willing to participate in coaching sessions organized by the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Entries must be submitted via e-mail to: communications@jamstockex.com by midnight, December 11, 2020.

The JSE will contact the applicants thereafter.