The RMOD & The FSC

Members of the RMOD and the Financial Services Commission (FSC) take a moment to smile for the camera at a special session discussing Broker Inspection and other elements of Market

Automated Market Surveillance System

Another Historic Occasion for The RMOD as Suzette McNaught (IT Manager) and Wentworth Graham (CRO) shake on the sign-off on the development of the Automated Market Surveillance System, as team-members

Gleaner report, Becki Patterson speaks with the Chief Regulatory Officer, Wentworth Graham to discuss his new role and function in the JSE. Please use the following link to access the

The Regulator

The Regulator: Wentworth Graham tells why the JSE created his new post by Dennise Williams (As published in the Sunday Observer May 4, 2008 pg. 2)   Wentworth Graham is

Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Reorganises

“The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) has reformulated itself into two divisions in a split off of its regulatory and commercial functions”.  Please use the following link to access the full