Other Company News

TDB – Board Movements

Mr. Roy Samaroo resigned as a Director effective April 1, 2001.Messrs. Victor Rhone and Roy Anthony Williams resigned as Directors effective May 31, 2001 and Mr. Earl Jarrett was appointed

Union Bank – Board movements

The following persons resigned from the Board of Directors of the Bank with effect from March 15, 2001: Mr. C. Dennis Morrison, Q.C.; Mr. Maurice Clarke; Dr. Neil McGill; Ms.

Seprod Ltd. (SEP) – Subsidiary News

(1) Caribbean Products Co. Ltd. a fully owned subsidiary of Seprod Ltd. has by ordinary resolution of the company dated November 13, 2000, increased its share capital by $16 million

Desnoes & Geddes Ltd. (DG) – Change of Name

At a meeting of the Board of Directors on November 13, 2000, the Directors approved a resolution for the company to trade under the name, “Red Stripe”. This name has

Life of Jamaica – Increase in share capital

An extraordinary general meeting of the company has been convened for November 28, 2000 at 10 a.m. at which time the LOJ shareholders will be asked to consider and if