Other Company News

Grace, Kennedy Ltd. (GK) – Revenue Highlights

Interim Report to shareholders – March 2000: The Group achieved revenues of $3,585.9 million (1999 $3,603.5 million.) The net profit attributable to shareholders increased by $27.3 million over the corresponding

Seprod Ltd. (SEP) – Capital Distribution

The Board of Directors resolved that a Capital Distribution of forty cents per share (less Transfer Tax) be paid to all shareholders on record as at May 18, 2000 and

Cable & Wireless (LIME) – Board Movements

Mr. Odie Donald resigned as a Director of the company effective April 4, 2000 and Mr. James Cheesewright has been appointed a Director effective April 12, 2000.

Seprod Limited (SEP) – Board Movements

The following changes were effected at a meeting of the Board on April 3,200: Mr. A.R. Diaz announced his retirement as director of Seprod; Mr. Gregory B. Solomon tendered his

Cable & Wireless (LIME) – Bonus to come

The Board will recommend to the annual general meeting that upon the recommendation of the Directors the authorised share capital of the company be increased from J$11,300,000,000 to J$13,100,000,000 by

Goodyear Ja. Ltd. (GYR) – Relocation

Effective immediately the company will consolidate its operations and as part of this change the company’s administrative office will be relocated from 8 Olivier Road, Kingston 8 to 230 Spanish

DB&G – Four cents capital distribution

The Board of Directors have declared an a capital distribution of four cents per share to stock holders on record as at December 14, 1999. Payment date is January 31,

Seprod Ltd. (SEP) – Subsidiary News

Ja. Grain & Cereals Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Seprod Ltd., has by ordinary resolution of the company dated November 15, 1999, increased its share capital by $12.2 million