Ciboney Group Ltd. (CBNY) – Receivership

The Board wishes to inform shareholders of the following: A Receiver/Manager has been appointed by one lender over some of the assets of one of the Subsidiaries of Ciboney Group

First Life – Capital Distribution

The Board of Directors of the company on September 30, 1997 declared an interim dividend by way of Capital Distribution for the year 1997 in the amount of 3.33% per

Salada Foods Jamaica

At a meeting of the Board on September 30, Mr. Lester Spaulding resigned as Chairman. However, he remains a member of the Board of Directors.

Grace, Kennedy Ltd. (GK) – New Dividend Policy

At a Board meeting on september 25, the Directors adopted a dividend policy as under: To distribute at least 10% of the net profit attributable to stockholders. The new policy