CIBC W.I. – Final Dividend

At a meeting of the Board of Directors on November 25, 1999 a final dividend of Bds.$0.04 was declared. This will be paid on January 10, 2000 to shareholders of

Seprod Ltd. (SEP) – Subsidiary News

Ja. Grain & Cereals Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Seprod Ltd., has by ordinary resolution of the company dated November 15, 1999, increased its share capital by $12.2 million

Island Life – Share Capital Increase

An extra-ordinary general meeting of the company will be held at the Terra Nova Hotel on November 25, 1999 for the purpose of considering and if thought fit, passing the

Carreras Group Ltd. (CAR) – Dividend

The Directors have declared an interim dividend of twenty cents per stock unit (less income tax). This interim dividend is declared payable out of unfranked profits and will be paid