Blue Power Group Limited (BPOW) – Claim Filed in the Supreme Court of Jamaica

Posted: June 10, 2021 at 1:39 pm

Blue Power Group Limited (BPOW) has advised as follows:

“A claim was filed by DCP Successors Limited (DCP) against four agencies of the Government of Jamaica and Blue Power Group Ltd (BPG) on June 8, 2021 in the Supreme Court of Jamaica. Among the relief sought by DCP are orders to:

“1. Restrain Jamaica’s Trade Administrator and Trade Board from issuing Certificates of Origin to Jamaican soap manufacturers in respect of soap produced from pellets/noodles imported from outside of CARICOM. Soap pellets/noodles are a key bulk ingredient used in the production of bath and laundry soaps.

“2. Direct the Jamaican Commissioner of Customs and Excise and the Jamaican Customs Agency to apply a Common External Tariff of 40% on all bulk noodles/pellets (from outside of CARICOM) imported by BPG and other Jamaican soap manufacturers.

“3. Obtain from the Caribbean Court of Justice an advisory opinion on (a) the applicability of a Common External Tariff of 40% to be imposed on imports from outside of CARICOM of noodles/pellets used in the production of soap in Jamaica, and (b) the validity of Certificates of Origin issued by the Jamaican Government in connection with bath and laundry soap produced in Jamaica with imported noodles/pellets.

“BPG has been engaged in the manufacture of bar soap in Jamaica for over 20 years and is satisfied that it has done so in full compliance with the legal and policy framework applicable in Jamaica. BPG has engaged the services of an attorney and is in discussions with the Government of Jamaica regarding the claim and their proposed policy response. During the legal process, BPG expects to continue to manufacture soap for the Jamaican and non-CARICOM markets in the ordinary course.”

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