Barita Investments Limited (BIL) – Additional Public Offer

Posted: July 16, 2020 at 4:28 pm

Barita Investments Limited (BIL) has advised that subsequent to the Company’s Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors of Barita Investments Limited on July 10, 2020 passed the following Board Resolution for an Additional Public Offer (APO) of Shares to the general public:

1. The Board hereby approves the issue of up to 200,000,000 ordinary shares (“New Ordinary Shares”), as part of the authorized capital of the Company to the general public by way of an Additional Public Offering on the following terms:

  1.  APO Price(s) of between J$48.00 to J$53.00 per New Ordinary Share;
  2.  New Ordinary Shares will be reserved for the benefit of certain specified investors in the amount and at prices as determined in the discretion of the Company;
  3.  APO to open on August 26th, 2020;
  4.  APO to close on September 16th, 2020 for subscription by investors.

2. The Board hereby approves the ability of the Company to upsize by inviting offers for up to an additional 100,000,000 New Ordinary Shares on terms and conditions as the Directors or Committee of Directors may consider expedient in their absolute discretion.

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