Are you a High School Student or Teacher? Then this is for you.

The JSE invites you to apply and enter the JSE Stock Market Game for 2021-2022.

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to apply and enter

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Stock Market Game (SMG) 2021/2022

Please click and complete either the Game Registration Form for Students or The Game Registration Form for Teachers (whichever is applicable) to enter. 

There is also a training video at the end of reading the objectives and instructions, which will assist with the process.

We look forward to receiving six (6) students’ completed registration forms for the Students Game and two (2) teachers’ completed registration forms for the Teachers Game, on behalf of your school. 



The JSE in its effort to provide creative, innovative and fun ways of introducing elements of trading on the stock market to all genres, in 2008, introduced and launched the Virtual Stock Market Game. 

What is the Stock Market Game (SMG)?

The SMG is a simulation game the JSE developed to promote a better understanding of the stock market and how it works.

What are the Objectives?

The objectives of the SMG are to help students and teachers understand:

  1.  How to trade in the stock market
  2.  How to manage an equity portfolio
  3.  The costs and benefits involved in economic decision-making.

The SMG will also help to promote public understanding of the stock market and the economy and create awareness about the role of the stock market in a country’s economic development.


The SMG for High Schools is aimed at High School Students in 4th to 6th form. It is designed to strengthen students’ critical thinking skills, build confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly, the stock market game will instill an understanding of the need to save and invest at an early age and ensure that when students leave high school they have the basic knowledge of how to buy and sell shares.

The JSE also facilitates the Young Investor Game, for students at the Tertiary level.


The SMG for High School Teachers was developed to generate interest on how to create wealth through the buying and selling of shares on the market. The SMG has shown potential in motivating teachers to better plan for their future and to engage in financial planning, research, and use of investment products and services.

Likely Impact on Students & Teachers

The SMG allows students and teachers to:

  1.  Play a simulated game of trading on the JSE using virtual funds in the competition.
  2.  Build and manage their own portfolio based on stock traded on the Exchange.
  3.  Compete against other students/teachers.
  4.  Assist with building skills and gaining investing experience.
  5.  Access research resources and current market news to help make informed decisions.
  6.  View portfolio summaries, stock performance, order details and transaction history.
  7.  View charts showing portfolio performance.
  8.  View game summary highlights showing scores/positions for team.




Access to the SMG is through the JSE’s website and is open to six (6) students for the Student Game and two (2) teachers for the Teachers Game from any high school registered with the Ministry of Education.

The SMG is also registered with the Ministry of Education.


Students and Teachers are challenged to develop a successful investment portfolio by investing a virtual $100,000 for the period of the game.


User roles are defined to ensure transparency and authorized access.

There are two user roles available: Portfolio Manager and Game Entrant. Students work in teams of six to investigate and gather news and data on potential investments.


Students utilize a broad range of informational texts and evaluate current events as an integral part of the SMG experience.

Students and teachers can access company information from the JSE’s and Listed Companies’ websites, annual reports and newspaper articles.


  • The JSE new trading platform is akin to the JSE Online Trading platform in that all trades attract fees as well as General Consumption Tax (GCT).
  • Administration and monitoring of the game will be done by selected members of the JSE and will be governed by the rules outlined.
  • Each participant can view and update their own portfolio


The Jamaica Stock Exchange will provide a login instruction video.



  1. Students registering for the game must be associated with a high school and must be supervised by a teacher to be involved in the SMG.
  2. Any student who previously participated in the SMG for High Schools will not be eligible.
  3. The following persons are also not eligible to apply:                                        •  Persons working at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, Member Dealers or any other equity firm.                                                                                          • Relatives of individuals working at any of the above entities
  4. Students will be required to complete a students’ registration form and Teachers will complete the teachers’ registration form and thereafter email it to copied to
  5. Individuals can enter by completing the registration form as is applicable, which can be found on the JSE’s website.
  6. The competition will run for a seven (7) month period each year, i.e., October – April, after which the winner will be determined.
  7. Each student and teacher are given a portfolio with JA$100,000 virtual money to invest in common stocks listed on the JSE’s Main or Junior Market.
  8. There will be JSE, JCSD fees charged for transactions as well as GCT
  9. NO broker fee will be charged for transactions.
  10. Interest is not paid on cash balance in the portfolio.
  11. Trading can ONLY be done between the hours of 1:30 p.m. – 12:00 mid-night each day, Monday to Friday.
  12. All trades must be done on the same day (stocks bought or sold must trade on that day of the transactions).
  13. All buy and sell orders must be a minimum of 100 shares.
  14. Stock prices are based on real time market prices during the hours of 9:30 a. to the close of the market at 1:00 p.m.
  15. Selection of stocks for the portfolio after the close of the market will be based on the day’s closing price.
  16. The portfolio trading represents ‘true’ activities in the market.
  17. The Portfolio value will be based on the end of day/real time prices.
  18. A record of your portfolio and transactions will be available daily.
  19. Individuals will not be allowed to reset their portfolio.
  20. Return on portfolio will be aligned with Corporate Actions such as dividends, bonus, stock split or any other corporate action.
  21. The Game will provide research resource and current market information to help make informed decisions.
  22. The Game will provide a summary page showing the ranking of each individual based on portfolio performance and value.
  23. Individuals will be able to view portfolio summaries, stock performance, order details and transaction history.
  24. It will be the responsibilities of each individual to conduct their own research and review analysis done by Brokers on their website.
  25. The top three students and teachers with the highest portfolio values at the end of the period are declared the winners.
  26. The school (students only) with the highest aggregate is crowned the JSE School Champion.
  27. It is the responsibility of each individual to read, understand, learn and abide by all the rule.



  1.   Read all rules carefully and thoroughly.
  2.   Watch the Training Video.
  3.   Complete the respective SMG Game Registration Form.
  4.   Set up an account with a *username in the section called Stock Market Game for High  School 2021-2022 or Teachers Game For High School 2021-2022.
  5.   After your account is approved, each individual will be allotted $100,000 virtual money to start their investment.
  6.   Teachers entering in the teacher’s game must log in to the Teachers  Game section (no Student is allowed to be in the Teachers’ Game section).
  7.   Students entering in the student’s game must log in to the Student Game section (No Teacher is allowed to be in the Students’ Game section).
  8.   Reminder that there needs to be six (6) students and two (2) teachers entering on behalf of their school.
  9.   Stocks can be traded (bought or sold) in the Game between the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight

*USERNAME – In order to correctly identify students and teachers, please ensure the following is adhered to, as it relates to the username.

    1.  Either use your first name or initial and last name – e.g. (L. Williams or Lorna Williams)
    2.  Make sure your school’s name is selected at the appropriate section
    3.  Another format could be first or last name including school. e.g. (Donovan Titchfield or Smith Titchfield)
    4.  Absolutely NO ALIASES will be accepted or approved                   

A training/tutorial will be provided to participants of the game on how to use the technology and  how  to  access  the  JSE’s  website  and  to  assist  with  data gathering/research.



1. Internet Access

To use the JSE SMG, you must be able to access the Internet, either through a dial-up modem that connects through a phone line or via Wireless connection.

2. Software

We recommend you use the latest version of either Internet Explorer or Firefox as your Web browser. You can download the software for free and check the system requirements by clicking on the links below:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  2. Firefox 41 or 41

While each browser has its own software and hardware requirements, we recommend you play the SMG with Windows.

You will need JavaScript and cookies enabled to run the SMG. You can change these settings in the browser’s Preferences. You need to unblock pop-ups and will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the user manuals.



The Stock Market Game has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education.



Please send your entries via e-mails to: copied to

Or should you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact Mrs. Charlette Eddie-Nugent at 876-967-3271 or 876-822-3543.

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