Ms Riccalya Robb


Riccalya Robb is the Manager of the Market Operations and Trading department.  Riccalya joined the JSE in 2004 as a Marketing Operating and Trading Officer. She excelled at this position and was promoted to head the Market Operating & Trading Division in 2011.

Riccalya has the responsibility of overseeing the trading activities of the market.  That is to ensure the smooth functioning of the market, conduct research on all aspect of the market and ensure the successful listing of all companies coming on to the Exchange.Riccalya is also responsible for the implementation of all new products on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Since appointed as the Manager of the Market Operating & Trading Division, Riccalya has been overseeing the successful implementation of the ISIN numbering system for securities in Jamaica and the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Bond Market.

Riccalya is a quiet achiever and likes to do her work behind the scene. She ensures that the market operates efficiently and fairly to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied.

Riccalya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Georgia State University and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A. – Finance), degree from Clarke Atlanta University in the USA.